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Five Critical Things to consider
when buying hardwood flooring
Choosing a Wood Species.

The most important factor in choosing a wood species is, of course, the appearance. While the stains and finishes add variability to them, different woods can complement modern, classic, rustic or other types of settings.For example, maple has a more subtle, elegant look, while hickory has a more unique and “outspoken” appearance. The experts in a fine flooring store can help you make the right choices.

There are subtle differences as well. For example, Big Leaf Acacia features less character, with a plain grain, fewer knots and wider age circles, while the Small Leaf Acacia that Palmetto Road uses is full of character, with more knots and a swirling grain. It costs us more, but it makes a prettier floor.

In addition to appearance, you should also consider durability, moistureresistance and hardness, depending on the area of the home where the flooring will be placed. Our Small Leaf Acacia, for example has higher density, so it’s a lot harder, where Big Leaf Acacia has lower density, so it’s softer and lighter. Your in-store flooring expert can help you make the right decisions.